Onion Paratha Recipe

Onion paratha or Pyaaz paratha recipe is very popular paratha variety especially in punjabi family for breakfast. Parathas can be taken in breakfast or in lunch. It can be taken with all type of chutney or with your choice vegetable or with raita. The ingredients of onion paratha is easily available in your kitchen. And it is very easy in cooking too.

Ingredients of Onion Paratha:-

 1 Big Onion very finely chopped

·        250 gm Wheat Flour

·        2 Tablespoon Rice Flour

·        Fortune Oil as required

·        Salt to taste

·        3-4 Green chillies finely chopped

·        Corianders leaves

·        ¼ Tablespoon Red chilly powder

  •    Water


Method of making Onion Paratha

1..There are several ways to make Onion Paratha but I am telling you the simplest way of it. Here it is going very easy to cook Lots of parathas in few time.

 2.  Take a big bowl and mix all the ingredients and 4 spoon oil and make a smooth and soft dough with help of required water. After that cover the dough with moist cloth and rest for 15 minutes.

3.  Divide dough into equal parts and give round shape like balls. Sprinkle dry wheat flour and role the small piece of balls with the help of roller and give a shape like chapati(Roti). Paratha are always thicker than Roti, So keep it in mind.

4.  Place it on hot Tawa and cook on medium flame, when small bubbles start to see on the surface, flip it and spread oil over the surface of both side and press with spatula and repeat flip and press until golden brown spots appear on both side.

5.  Put it to a plate and follow the same process with remaining dough balls. And after that serve these Onion Paratha with Raita or chutney or vegetables or pickales. 

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